Responsible Gambling

Keep yourself in check!

Generally speaking, following a responsible gaming code of conduct is an operator’s commitment to minimize the harm from problem gambling to individuals and the community, by creating a responsible gambling environment that follows national and international best practices and community expectations. Online gambling operators are also required to implement additional strategies to further minimize harm by assisting players who are displaying signs of problematic gambling. These strategies may include a series of initiatives, such as fair gaming, self-exclusion, honest advertising, no bonuses with hidden terms, etc..

We at Nonsticky Casinos are gamblers ourself and have been through some 'addictive' times. The 'now i have to win, because i lost so much now' strategy does not work..IT DOES NOT WORK! You will only lose more and end up spending personal or borrowed money. Please, if you feel like you have a problem, read the 3 steps on the right side of this page and go to the link fo help!


This website and gambling in general is only for adults. Do not create an account on any website when you are under 18!